Thanks for the reading suggestions, always very much appreciated (and for recommending my Substack!).

I'm more a non-fiction reader, but your post is about novels and women, so I'm going to mention Zoe Fairbairns's "Daddy's Girls" (1992). Fairbairns is what literary critics like to call a "feminist writer" (she used to be the poetry editor of British magazine Spare Rib) which sounds a little limiting though it is true that all her novels deal with women's position in society.

"Daddy's Girls" is about a family of five in 1960s England: a conservative, chauvinist, cheating father, his long-suffering wife, and their three daughters who have a radically different relationship with their father.

It's very well written, engaging, thought-provoking, with great dialogues.

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Thanks for these recommendations, Pallavi and the personal stories connected with each.

Much love...

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