Brilliant, Pallavi, as usual. Not only are you a great writer, the way you share your sentiments and feelings provokes deep empathy and a desire to be able to help.How can I help?

Ajit Periappa

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Dear Pallavi,

my heartfelt sympathy. You suffered from an overdose of advice.

I have been at the other end of the spectrum. First, the very existence of the tumour was noted yet ignored: an orphan illness. By the time the doctors noted and took it out, ten years later, it was half a pound of matter.

The tumour gave rise to a extremely rare condition - one in a milllion. Advice ceased. Second opinions hid in bushes and brambles, pleading ignorance.

My lot: Follow the guru and hope for the best.

And take rest.

To be patient means to wait, not just to suffer


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God bless you Pallavi, and let Him continue to inspire your thoughts and your spectacular command of English! Woman´s biological fate makes them look at life with yheir feet om the ground;.men tend to fantasize about everything, including women., hence romantic love....And many of the worlds problems!! Again thank your profound thoughts and their wrapping in your lneutiful english prose.

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Regarding your piece about cultural appropriation, this African American talks about how when she was accused of cultural appropriation by a Desi for wearing a bindi. She takes CA to the next level, even the next life!


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